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101 Things to do in Ojai

From the very beginning, Ojai has been known for its resort-like environment and lush fertile valley. Many consider it a well-kept secret; however, it didn’t start off that way. In the late 1800’s Ojai, then called Nordhoff, was advertised in eastern newspapers and was proclaimed as the “great sanitarium and health resort of California.” There was even a contest offering free land to whoever would build a hotel. In 1874, Abram W. Blumberg answered that challenge by constructing the Nordhoff Hotel, also known as the Ojai Valley House, and finally as the Ojai Inn. This original Ojai hotel was demolished in 1917 but it began a trend. Other resorts followed and by the turn of the century there were over 10 resorts, lodges, hotels and inns in our small hidden valley. In 1898, the Ventura River and Ojai Valley Railroad built a branch line to the Ojai Valley, thus encouraging growth by providing better access to farmers at the east end of the valley and promoting tourism. The tracks maybe gone today; however, the right-away still exists and now serves as a pedestrian, bike, and equestrian path that extends from Ojai to the Pacific Ocean.

Not much has changed in Ojai over the years and that’s what makes it so special. It may give the impression that there is not much to do in Ojai. Well, that is not the case and that is why the 101 Things to Do While in Ojai list was created. For more than 100 years Ojai has been known as a destination with many wonderful things to do and see. Now, with the 101 Things to Do While in Ojai list, the secret is out! Make your reservations today and visit Ojai.


Here are 101 fun things for you to do while visiting the Ojai Valley:

1. Attend one of our weekend Special Events!
2. Take a Hike
3. Stay in one of Ojai Hospitality Group’s Inns - Su Nido & Casa Ojai
4. Enjoy a Pink Moment
5. Go Fishing
6. Go Jeeping in Ojai
8. Find one of our many watering holes
9. Boating at Lake Casitas
10. Waterpark adventure
11. Take a walk
12. Watch the sunrise/sunset
13. Treat yourself to a Spa
14. Golf anyone?
15. Helicopter e-ticket
16. Go on a Horseback Ride
17. Go Whale watching
18. Go Kayaking in the Ocean or at Lake Casitas
19. Go Climb a Rock
20. View Ojai’s Valley from Meditation Mount
21. Shop until you drop
22. Tennis Anyone?
23. Read a book at the famous Bart’s Books
24. Art anyone? Too many artists to list!
25. Beer tasting!
26. Hang out at the beach, just 15 minutes away from Ojai.
27. Learn how Olive Oil is made
28. Tour the Ojai Museum
29. Bird watching & listening
30. House or Vacation home shopping
31. Take a Yoga Class
32. Listen to Live Music at Jester’s
33. Wine tasting
34. Go Canoeing on the lake casitas
35. Get a cup of Joe
36. Ride a trolley
37. Star Gazing
38. Farmer’s Market every Sunday 9 am - 1 pm
39. Experience Ojai Day
40. View Fine Art at some of the shops in the Village
41. Take a stroll in Libbey Park
42. Ojai’s Music Fest
43. Take a Buggy Ride in the Village
44. Play with your dog at Soule Dog Park
45. Experience Nature at its Finest
46. Relax in a hot spring
47. Ride a century
48. Enjoy an authentic Ojai Pizza at Ojai Pizza
49. Gotta try Bocalli’s strawberry short cake
50. Visit the Skateboard Park
51. Experience Rose Valle Falls
52. See a Live show at the Ojai Arts Center
53. Hike shelf road to see the quilt patching of Ojai’s orchards
54. Ojai’s Oktoberfest
55. Dive into Ojai’s history
56. Ojai’s Wine Festival
57. Fish for Large Mouth Bass
58. Go Yard Sale-ing
59. Go Surfing
60. Rent any type of bike electric, mountain or road it’s your choice
61. Let your children play in the park
62. Come to the Earth Day celebration
63. Gotta get some Ice Cream or Yogurt
64. Cozy up in front of a fire and watch a favorite movie at Su Nido Inn with Pop-corn
65. Hike, Bike & Wine (It’s a fun combo)
66. Watch a Movie at Ojai Theater
67. See a play, concert or performance at Libbey Bowl
68. Agritourism at Friends Ranch
69. Dine at Ojai’s best
70. Stroll Ojai’s Arcade and more
71. Drive through Upper Ojai
72. Celebrate a Birthday in Ojai
73. Attend a theater show
74. Say something nice to a stranger in Ojai
75. Listen to a story in Ojai
76. Write a Trip Advisor review about Ojai
77. Become an artist for the day or longer
78. Rate your favorite Ojai food dish
79. Relax and enjoy the Bowlful of Blues festival at Libbey Bowl
80. Get Married in Ojai
81. Relax and don’t think about Monday while in Ojai!
82. Try your luck at Geocaching
83. Work out while you stay at one of Ojai Hospitality Group’s hotels at Bryant Street Gym
84. Spot a movie star in Ojai and say nothing
85. Go to the Ojai Film Festival
86. Watch the world pass by from the Arcade or Libbey Park benches
87. Hula Hoop or play the drums in Libbey Park
88. Drink a beer at Ojai’s Beer Fest.
89. Find the only carpeted grocery store in Ojai and think only in Ojai
90. Antique and Thrift store shopping
91. Pick some lavender or go to a Lavender Festival
92. Take a cooking class
93. Buy some fruit from a roadside fruit stand
94. Take a walk or hike along one of Ojai’s many creeks
95. Take your picture at the Ojai Lookout on Dennison Grade
96. Walk the historical points of interest in Ojai
97. Find a local cowboy or cowgirl and take a picture with them
98. If you liked any of the last 97 things, schedule time now to come back to Ojai
99. Make sure to walk all over downtown not to miss out on the small hidden (treasures) stores that are downtown on side streets and more
100. Get 10% off your stay at Casa Ojai Inn if you can guess where the below black and white picture was taken. (Hint, it is in the Arcade!)
101. Pick up a local Ojai Valley Directory and find another 101 things to do plus find some great coupons for major discounts!

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