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Geoff Wells
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Ojai Spas. Cold weather can wreak havoc on your hair and skin. What better way to perk up your body, mind and spirit than few days at the spa in Ojai? Check out these incredible spas and treatments to create your perfect getaway. Your friends might not recognize you when you get home! Read more...

Outdoor fun in Ojai. With beautiful weather, the gorgeous Los Padres National Forest, biking and hiking trais, and Lake Casitas, there is year-round adventure in Ojai. Read more...

101 Things to Do in Ojai. From the very beginning, Ojai has been known for its resort-like environment and lush fertile valley. Many consider it a well-kept secret; however, it didn’t start off that way. In the late 1800’s Ojai, then called Nordhoff, was advertised in eastern newspapers and was proclaimed as the “great sanitarium and health resort of California.” There was even a contest offering free land to whoever would build a hotel. In 1874, Abram W. Blumberg answered that challenge by constructing the Nordhoff Hotel, also known as the Ojai Valley House, and finally as the Ojai Inn. Read more...

Ojai Music Festival, June 6-9, 2013. Walk right in, sit right down/Daddy, let your mind roll on. Not that we’ll be hearing Gus Cannon’s 1929 country blues classic at the 2013 Ojai Music Festival, but his lyrics are a perfect fit for what Mark Morris has in store for us. It’s an informal, open-ended invitation to explore some of the most mind-expanding music of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. American voices mostly, mostly West Coast, and entirely in the box: Lou Harrison, his teacher Henry Cowell, his friend and colleague John Cage, their patron saint, Charles Ives, and a couple of latter-day disciples in Terry Riley and John Luther Adams. Learn More...




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