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Wine Tasting in Ojai, California

Cloud Climbers Jeep & Wine Tours
Sightseeing adventures in custom, open-air Jeeps. Professionally guided excursions celebrate the history, flavors & magical beauty of Ojai. Winding country roads, dirt trails, secret gardens, “challenging-to-get-to” exclusive vistas, local olive oil sampling & wine tasting included.

Door-to-door service at all Ojai area hotels | (805) 646-3200 |

Wine Tasting in Ojai, California

Ojai Valley Trail Riding Company
Come enjoy the beautiful Ojai Valley on Horseback. Ride along the Ventura river and through the forest. Call for reservations. Open all year long.

P.O. Box 1358 | Ojai, CA 93023 | (805) 890-9340 |

With beautiful weather all year round Ojai is the perfect place for mountain/electric bike riding. One of the best places to ride is the Ojai Valley bike trail. This is a great ride for beginners and professionals alike. Built on an old railway line this trail has a very gentle slope. The trail begins at the intersection Highway 33 and the 101 freeway. 5.5 miles into the trail you will find Foster Park which is a great place to rest. It has bathrooms, drinking fountains and plenty of space to recharge and keep going. Further north there is a trail off of Mobile Lane, the section of the bike path right next to the road, which leads to Sulphur Mountain Road trail another great biking spot. Further up, the bike path crosses to the other side of the street where Hwy 33 and 150 diverge. From there it’s only a few blocks to the end, crossing the neighborhood streets every block. At Bryant St, turn left to get to the center of town, or turn right and look for a bridal path on the left, about a half block down, that comes out on Shady Lane, from which you can access Hwy 150. Turn left to go back towards the center of Ojai, or right to go towards Gridley Rd. For guided bike tours you can check out Trails by Potter or hop on a bike and explore Ojai’s organic farms with Kelly Pasco from Project Ride.

Wine Tasting in Ojai, California

Trails By Potter
If you want to hike, bike or rock climb, Trails by Potter is for you! We offer guided activities tailored to your needs in the majestic Ojai Valley.

1406 Drown Avenue | Ojai, CA 93023 | (805) 646-0382 |

Ojai is famous for its small town untouched landscapes; Offering some of the most incredible views and serene hiking, biking, and walking trails. – Hiking Map

Stunning all year round Lake Casitas is the premier destination for fishing in Ojai.

Wheeler’s Gorge is a popular camping spot for locals and visitors alike, especially because it’s open all year. Located just north of Ojai off of Highway 33 this spot offers 68 family campsites, 6 extra large sites for groups, and 5 Handicapped accessible campsites. The Matilija Creek runs through the campsite and the Wheeler’s Gorge trail starts at the north end of the campground. As you continue north along Highway 33 there are even more campsites that are even more isolated and beautiful. Seven miles north of Wheeler’s Campground is Rose Valley Falls Camp. This campground is a bit smaller than Wheelers Gorge with only about fifteen campsites. There is a trail directly off of the campground which leads to the Lower falls. From the lower falls you can continue hiking another 2-3 miles to reach the upper falls. Another awesome attribute of this campground is Nordhoff Ridge Rd. Outfitted more for off-roading than walking or hiking this is a truly stunning way to experience Ojai’s back country. Go to the Ranger Station to obtain the lock gate code and necessary permits to drive on this road and you won’t be disappointed. Just 2 miles north of Rose Valley Camp is the Middle Lions Campground. Middle Lions has eight campsites located on a single loop close to the Matilija creek. Middle Lions Camp is particularly colorful during the fall—but gorgeous year round. There are numerous trails in the vicinity of Lions Camp. Lion Canyon Trail starts at the back of the campground. After 1.3 miles you will reach the Rose-Lion Connector Trail on the right hand side. Another 0.6 miles and you can take the East Lion fork or West Lion fork trails or continue on the connector trail 3.6 miles until you reach Nordhoff Ridge road for spectacular views. A mile from Middle Lions camp is the trail head for Piedra Blanca Trail, a beautiful natural sandstone landscape of white and red rock. The first three miles of this trail are a nice easy walk. You also have the option of taking the Sespe River trail which takes you into the Sespe wilderness and right to natural waterholes. Adventure passes are required to camp in these areas and day fees also apply. ($17-20/day)


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