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Spas in Ojai

Cold weather can wreak havoc on your hair and skin. What better way to perk up your body, mind and spirit than few days at the spa in Ojai?
Check out these incredible spas and treatments to create your perfect getaway. Your friends might not recognize you when you get home!

The Day Spa at Ojai

Located just a 1/4 mile up the road from the quaint Casa Ojai Inn, The Day Spa at Ojai is owned by a family who traces their roots to the Chumash, the Native American tribe who have inhabited Ojai for thousands of years. It's no surprise, then, that everything they offer takes a serene, holistic approach.

WE LOVE: The Day Spa of Ojai Signature Body Wrap. This two-hour treatment will literally surround you with luxury, as algae from France's famed Brittany Coast is applied to your entire body. When combined with powerful essential oils and seaweed, this Body Wrap not only will is soften your dehydrated skin, it'll also release toxins and reduce bloating. You'll float out of the treatment room with soft, smoother skin and a noticeably lighter spring in your step. Also try: the Karen Herzog Anti-Aging Glycolic-Oxygen Spa Facial. This tongue-twisting treatment will infuse your skin with oxygen while also offering up all the benefits of a glycolic peel. The best part? No pain!
Finish up with a locally-made tea in the beautiful, quiet backyard garden.
Get more:; 1434 East Ojai Avenue; (805) 640-1100

The Ojai Healing Movement Sanctuary

Tucked behind Ojai's downtown Arcade Plaza is the OHM Sanctuary. Known as the go-to place for locals looking for a quick pick-me-up footrub, it's also a great place to take a class or two. Owner Ronelle Woods has made it her mission to, as she puts it, make herself obsolete. It sounds silly, she'll tell you, but proper posture is a lot more important than even your nagging mother knew! According to Ronelle, it can make a difference in dozens of problems we experience every day — from bunions to muscle tightness to shin splints and even arthritis. With her own unique blend of yoga, physics, myofascial release and deep stretching, Ronelle's Body Mechanics classes are a fun, common-sense approach to body health and awareness.

WE LOVE: the whole OHM package. Start with an incredible footrub — in the even more incredible zero gravity chairs — courtesy magic-worker Joe Cocke. Then head down the hall and take in a class with Ronelle, where you'll stretch your toes, hips, back and neck in simple, but "hurts-soooo-good" ways you want to repeat every day. Finish up by taking a seat in the OHM far-infrared dry sauna or a Reiki session with new healer Kelly Schwegel Get more:; 305 E. Matilija Street, Suite K (upstairs, across from the Nancy Rupp Studio); (805) 640-9111

Body Essentials Skin and Body Care

A combination of boutique, mineral makeup shop and day spa, Body Essentials is one of those great places that understands that a spa experience starts the minute you walk in the door. The soothing atmosphere and helpful staff are well-versed in their products and can help you create your own special spa experience.

WE LOVE: If you're short on time and high on stress, try a 30 minute mini-facial. Time will cease to exist (at least, temporarily) as your skin is gently exfoliated, steam, toned and smoothed. Need extractions? These girls have you covered with careful, precise cleansing that'll leave your skin fresh and glowing.

If you have a bit more time, try a Thermal Power Recover Treatment, which starts with a thermal heat exfoliation followed by a Dermalogica Thermal Recovery Body Masque to repair dry, neglected skin.

Have a whole day? The Body Essentials crew offer killer package deals. Try the Ultimate Spa Experience, a 3-hour visit to heaven which includes a the Thermal Power Recovery Treatment, stress-busting massage and Hydrotherapy Foot Treatment (think Dead Sea minerals, essential oils, and foot reflexology). Complete the new-you look with a makeup application from the pros — they even do eyelash extensions!
Get more:; 236 W. Ojai Avenue, Suite 101 (on the corner of Canada and Ojai Ave.); (805) 646-7600

Continue your pampering with a stay at Casa Ojai Inn or Su Nido Inn, both located just seconds from the heart of downtown Ojai.


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