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Are you staying at an Ojai luxury hotel? This article will give you a peek into some of downtown Ojai’s gems. As we all cope with the evolving CDC regulations, there is one thing that will always remain… Ojai’s beautiful lookouts, parks, and picnic areas where you can enjoy your favorite take-out meal from our Ojai restaurants downtown. If you’re wondering where to stay in Ojai? Luxury hotels near downtown Ojai make any activity feel possible. Ojai offers numerous serene locations within walking distance from our downtown restaurants, some of which are less known to the public. Order your take-out meal from the comfort of an Ojai luxury hotel, pick up the delicious hot take-out meal waiting for you at the downtown restaurant and explore the beautiful locations Ojai has to offer without having your take-out meal run cold. 

Within half a mile of many Ojai downtown restaurants and Ojai luxury hotels, Ojai’s Libbey Park has countless locations where you can enjoy your downtown restaurant take-out meal. Areas include Libbey Park’s detailed, tiled fountain, where you can make use of the extra seating space the fountain offers or benches surrounding to enjoy your take-out meal. There are also outdoor picnic tables where you can listen to the local birds underneath Ojai’s lush oaks, pines, sycamore, and eucalyptus trees while diving into your warm Ojai restaurant take-out meal before heading back to a luxury Ojai hotel. During The Ojai Tennis Tournament, you will see many tennis players bringing their take-out meal to Libbey Park after a long day of tennis before heading back to their Ojai luxury hotel room. If you’re staying in an Ojai luxury hotel near downtown, you may not even need to step into your car to retrieve your take-out-meal or to enjoy downtown Ojai.

Deeper into Libbey Park, Libbey Bowl offers seating as well as picnic areas. Whether you have a picnic blanket or want to utilize the Libbey Bowl’s seating areas, this location feels private and immersed in nature. And if you’re feeling spontaneous, you may even hop onto the Libbey Bowl stage to appreciate your Ojai take-out meal before a pleasant short stroll to your downtown Ojai luxury hotel. 

Ojai, awarded as one of the Top Ten Tennis Towns in the World in 2009, often has tennis pros teaching lessons or hobbyists engaging in singles or doubles matches at the Libbey Park tennis courts. Here you can find bleacher seating and a possible tennis match to enjoy your restaurant take-out meal.  

On the other side of the street from Libbey Park, hidden behind the Ojai Arcade, is a more secluded green space, filled with benches, surrounding downtown shops, and Ojai restaurants that look as if they are out of a fairytale. This location is perfect for a more intimate setting with string lights and lamps lighting your downtown restaurant take-out meal. This location may even be a short walk from your downtown Ojai luxury hotel.

Suppose you want to experience your take-out meal surrounded by Ojai’s native plants without a treacherous hike. In that case, there are many areas in downtown Ojai preserved by The Ojai Valley Land Conservancy that are a short walk away from the Ojai downtown restaurants. Half a mile from downtown Ojai, The Ojai Valley Land  Conservancy has expertly incorporated seating areas into Cluff Vista Park to accommodate those who want to sit and enjoy the company of native plants and birds while eating their take-out meal. Only a light stroll from a downtown Ojai luxury hotel and you are immediately immersed in Ojai treasures’ native species.

The convenience of these downtown green spaces is undeniable. However, if you are in the mood for a more adventurous experience, Ojai has numerous lookout points where your downtown take-out meal can enjoy the view along with you. The Dennison Grade Vista Point off Highway 150 overlooks Ojai’s vineyards, ranches, and blooming flower fields, a perfect place to catch Ojai’s breathtaking Pink Moment. Make sure to grab a picture of Ojai’s special Pink Moment before retreating to your Ojai luxury hotel. If you snap a photo of your take-out meal from one of Ojai’s restaurants on social media, you may see your post featured on that restaurant’s Instagram story.

You can also take your restaurant take-out meal to the gorgeous scenic Ojai Parks. Tucked in a residential area, Ojai’s Daly Ranch Park has a large field shaded by large oak trees where you can enjoy your take-out meal.  Another scenic gem is the Ojai Community Demonstration Garden next to Ojai City Hall. This waste reduction and water conservation garden is a beautiful sight to behold for a lovely take-out meal date or a place to quiet your mind. Sarzotti Park, home to the Ojai Recreation Department, holds many sports recreation activities on their green field. This field is large enough where you do not have to worry about being disturbed by a soccer ball while enjoying your Ojai restaurant take-out meal.

If you’re feeling like a night in, bring your take-out meal from Ojai’s downtown restaurants to your Ojai luxury hotel room and catch the Pink Moment sunset light show. Your Ojai luxury hotel room may be so close to downtown that you could even pick up your take-out meal on foot. 

These green spaces in downtown Ojai are just one of the things that make Ojai unique. Whether you choose to utilize Ojai restaurants’ outdoor seating, bring your take-out meal downtown, or savor your take-out meal at your Ojai luxury hotel room,  you will always be experiencing Ojai to the fullest. In Ojai, getting a take-out meal does not always mean taking it to your home. We encourage you to venture into downtown Ojai and create a new meaning for take-out meals. Downtown Ojai has many opportunities for you to enjoy your take-out meals outdoors, immersed in nature, without having to travel far and wide from your downtown Ojai luxury hotel.

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